Divorce Mediation: Divorce mediation is the process of negotiating a fair divorce agreement in light of all your family’s circumstances by utilizing the services of one neutral divorce mediation attorney who is a trained negotiator to provide reasonable, affordable settlements that make sense for you and your unique situation.

          Unlike in a litigated divorce, you have control because you and your spouse make decisions about all aspects of your divorce including the division of assets, spousal support, child custody, and visitation. 

          The mediator does not "favor" one party over the other, but helps the parties get to a final result which is in accordance with the law and will be accepted by the court.

          Because only one lawyer is involved, the cost of divorce is significantly reduced, leaving more money for the parties and their children. 

Civil Mediation:We work with individuals and businesses to reach a resolution to all types of civil litigation matters, saving thousands of dollars and the stress of litigation. We have expertise in most all types of business issues, including contract disputes, employment disputes, malpractice issues and insurance matters.

          The cost of litigation is a drain on all parties and usually takes years of time which could be used to build businesses and move on from the negativity that results when litigation is pending in the courts. It also stops the accrual of hundreds of thousands of dollars of legal expenses that may never be recovered in litigation. 

Pre-Nuptial Agreements:  Doing a  pre-nuptial agreement avoids a tremendous amount of expense and stress that can come if a divorce later ensues. 

     A pre-nutial agreement involves the parties disclosing their finances to each other before the wedding. If a full disclosure is made (and not too close to the wedding date), the parties are protected by their agreement in the event the marriage does not last.  It is important to execute a valid agreement because of recent court cases. 

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Collaborative Divorce:  is a fairly new method of settling divorces  in family law.  It can best be described as a way to accomplish a divorce  in which the lawyers for both sides agree to assist the clients to resolve conflicts by employing cooperative techniques rather than adversarial strategies and litigation. All of the people involved commit themselves to achieving a negotiated outcome. It is agreed that no litigation will be commenced during the negotiations. Here are some basic principals of collaborative divorce:

  1. Parties commit not to use the courts to litigate their divorce.
  2. Parties have their own attorney. Each attorney will protect their client, but are also trained not to engage in "fight" techniques. Instead, they are trained to negotiate settlements that work for both parties.
  3. Parties agree to full disclosure of all financial assets and liabilities.

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Post-Divorce  Mediation:​ We work with parties after divorce to resolve issues that come up after the divorce is final. We mediate resolutions to divisions of property, time with children as they grow older and their needs change, allocation of costs for activities for children, vacation schedules, changes in child support, changes in alimony,  and changes in custody. 

          Parties usually find that the mediation process saves them a significant amount of money rather than battling in court. Children are significantly impacted with severe negative consequences when parties drag out the divorce and post-divorce process.  Mediation can provide the peaceful solution that will benefit all parties. 

Custody and Parenting Mediation: Often  disputes arise over the scheduling of time with each parent, vacation times, summer breaks and holidays.  Research shows that children bear the divorce much better if their parents are able to work out a schedule of time with them without involving the children.

          We strive to bring parents together to put in place schedules that will work for both parents and which are flexible enough to work with uncertain schedules.  

​          Most parents find after working with us that they have better relationships with their children and are able to fully enjoy their role as parents by using the mediation process. 

          We have great success in bringing parties together to work out a variety of issues without using the costly litigation route which involves battling in court. Parents  would much rather save the money for themselves and their children and end the negative relationship that may have been caused by the divorce.