"Mediation was the best way to go for us. It saved a lot of stress and money. At the end of the day, I think we were all much better off and I am able to spend time with my son without the drama we had going on before. I highly recommend Attorney McKeon." -Tom

A Peaceful Resolution

"I highly recommend Attorney McKeon for mediation. She is incredibly ethical and extremely knowledgeable about sophisticated financial matters, stocks, pension plans, employee benefits, alimony and child support, mortgages and other issues that impact divorcing couples. She really cares about the parties and especially the children and will work so hard to obtain the best outcome for all." -Linda

"We used Attorney McKeon for my divorce and she was very professional and thorough. She kept our costs down by encouraging us to work together. Even though we came into her when we were at each other's throats, we came out with the ability to work together (and even laugh at ourselves) and are now able to have our two kids between us without any issues. We saved so much money instead of giving it to two lawyers who would spend endless hours in court fighting and had to go back many times." -Marlone

"We are so glad we went to Attorney McKeon to help us mediate our divorce. She was very knowledgeable about really complex financial matters, and guided us through what probably would have cost more than $50,000 in lawyer costs if we had to go to court.  I highly recommend Attorney McKeon."  - Kathy

"Mediation with Attorney McKeon is the best way to go. We would have been tied up in court forever but because of her, we were both able to move on with our lives without hating each other and without becoming bankrupt by legal fees."      -Jennifer

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